These Were Definitely the Sassiest Sophia Loren Style Moments

Among film icons, Sophia Loren's personal style is arguably the sassiest of all. While Marilyn Monroe was the all-American blonde bombshell, the Italian Loren was utterly magnetic. Look up "sex appeal" in the dictionary, and a shot of her in vintage lingerie would probably pop up. Her dark eyes, voluminous hair and voluptuous figure certainly are a part of it, but it was also her sense of fashion that added a touch of je ne sais quoi



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Whether she was wearing a low-cut evening gown (a regular go-to for the star) or a pair of shorts and a T-shirt by the beach, there's nothing casual enough this woman could wear to detract from her sensuality. We've narrowed down a few of her looks that prove she will forever be the sassiest Hollywood star of all. Keep scrolling for our guide to Sophia Loren's style.