'Solo' Weddings Are a Thing That's Happening Now

1. Apparently solo weddings are a growing trend in Japan. Yes, women holding weddings without actually getting married. [Fox]

2. This new social network made only for women, by women, claims to be 100 per cent troll-free. [The Cut]

3. The rumours continue to fly that Jessica Biel is pregnant with her first child! [Us Weekly]

4. If you follow decor-minded people on Instagram, then you're probably familiar with these clichés. And you probably secretly love them! [Domaine]

5. Speaking of Instagram, the social media platform is starting to run video ads, and Banana Republic is among the first to get on board. [Racked]

6. Interesting: According to science, these seven traits make women more attractive to men. [Byrdie]

7. Here's how some of the world's biggest designers are dressing up for Halloween this year! [Fashionista]

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