6 Ways Your Instagram Feed Can Be More Creative, According to Solange

When we're stuck in a creative rut—or just four hours into an intensely absorbing Instagram scrolling hole—we always turn to Solange Knowles. Posting on @saintrecords, the musician and style icon's feed has become a very artistic place indeed: from her wish-we-were-there holiday snaps that always capture the atmosphere of the many unusual places she visits to outfit selfies that throw shade on every other A-lister. Oh, not to mention that she's even now got her own e-commerce site (Saint Heron) that stocks some seriously cool product from niche designers.

Once again Knowles came to our attention this week, following a series of photographs taken in the desert for her birthday, accompanied by her girl gang bedecked in complementary shades of pink.

As you can no doubt gather already from her excellent styling skills, Solange has a real eye for all things visually enticing—so we spent a little more time than usual browsing her social offering in order to work out a few takeaway tricks you can use for your own feed. So if you're stuck on fathoming an aesthetic—or keeping the look consistent throughout—these handy tips could increase your followers in no time. Scroll down to see Solange's Insta-style skills in action…