How to Pack a Suitcase Like a Street Style Star

Sofia Sanchez de Betak is part of a new crop of street style stars we can’t resist for their effortlessness elegance and careful mastery of the latest trends. You will no doubt have noticed the art director and fashion consultant's fine features and equally fine wardrobe making the pavements of fashion week a refined place—a suede cape here, a standout pair of retro shades there, et voilá, this Buenos Aires–born, New York–based muse sets the bar high, no matter what continent she's in. That's why we jumped at the chance to speak to her about how to travel in style—if anybody whizzes around the globe without breaking a sartorial sweat, it's her.

So with the Easter break only hours away there was no better time than now to see how a member of the super-chic, international jet set (seriously, check out her Instagram) sets about packing successfully. It’s all down to Sofia designing a range with luxury luggage label Globe-Trotter and The Luxury Hotels and Resorts—and a good maxi dress or 15. Scroll to discover and shop Sofia's top travelling tips…

WHO WHAT WEAR UK: Tell us honestly, do you pack light?

SOFIA SANCHEZ DE BETAK: Yes! When you visit many places in one go, there's no other way. Packing can become the worst part of traveling if you don't do it well. So I chose to travel with just one carry-on a long time ago. It’s just me and my Globe-Trotter.



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WWW UK: What do you wear to the airport?

SSdB: Depends on the type of trip, but I normally wear a cotton or cashmere maxi dress, under which I slip on pajama pants when I'm in the plane. It works like a big cosy blanket!



WWW UK: Do you have a different method for packing depending on whether you are travelling for work, fashion week or a holiday?

SSdB: Definitely! For holidays, I pack only flat shoes, no makeup and very colorful clothes. For work, either it's fashion week or regular work trips, I try to keep it simple and practical. My go-to pieces are the ones who always come with me. I try not to experiment too much when traveling; otherwise, I have to bring a big suitcase and I can't stand waiting for it at arrival.



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WWW UK: What are the things you cannot live without on holiday?

SSdB: My maxi dresses that I commissioned from a Spanish artist from Mallorca. I bought 15 dresses from her so far, and that's all I wear during the summer.



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WWW UK: Where is your favourite place to go? And what do you like to wear there?

SSdB: Patagonia. And I'll wear bombachas de campo (gaucho pants), a warm poncho and alpargatas (flat, canvas espadrilles).



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WWW UK: What makes a good travel snap on Instagram?

SSdB: Spontaneous action moments!



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Are you going away soon? Let us know your expert packing tips in the comments box below…

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