Sofia Richie Just Re-Created Her Wedding Makeup on TikTok—Every Product She Used

Sofia Richie Grainge's wedding may have been in April, but it still has TikTok completely spellbound. Many people have taken to the app to attempt to re-create her wedding makeup after taking style cues from her lavish South of France gathering. One person who took notice of the wedding's hold over the general public on TikTok? Richie Grainge herself. 

"I've seen a lot of you re-create my wedding makeup on your TikToks, and I'm so curious to see if I can re-create it on myself," says Richie Grainge in a recent TikTok. "I know I have some of the products that Pati [Dubroff] actually used on me for my wedding look, so I'm going to see if I can take this back to 22 April, 2023."

Using some of the products Dubroff reached for on her special day, along with some personal favourites, Richie Grainge re-created the fresh-faced, wildly popular look herself. Keep reading for every product Richie Grainge used to re-create her wedding look, including the lipstick Dubroff used on her that she's now absolutely in love with. 

Richie Grainge starts with this lightweight lotion from Chanel. "I saw Pati use it, and it was a base, and it was beautiful," she says. 

Richie Grainge goes in with this stick concealer under her eyes and in any areas where she needs extra coverage. 

Richie Grainge blends everything using a Beautyblender. 

Richie Grainge uses this bronzer to help define her features. 

"Pati whipped out Picante," Richie Grainge says. "She was like, 'I love this tone!'" Richie Grainge says she was skeptical at first because of how bright it is, but now it's her go-to blush. 

Next, Richie Grainge uses this Chanel highlighter stick on the high points of her face. 

"It's not too pigmented. It's a sheer little shimmer," Richie Grainge says of this eye shadow palette. "It's just really pretty and subtle."

Richie Grainge absolutely loves this drugstore bronzer. 

"Shoutout to my dad," Richie Grainge says before filling in her brows. "He and I have little bald corners of our eyebrows."

Richie Grainge uses this clear brow gel to set her brows.

"One of the only requests I had for Pati was to bring this Maybelline mascara," Richie Grainge says. 

"Pati introduced me to this lip colour, and it is my new saving grace," says Richie Grainge. "I literally went to the Chanel store two days after my wedding and bought as many as I could find."