Sofia Richie Says These Are the Only Jeans She Looks Good In

We already know how Nicole Richie feels about wearing jeans (hint: she’s not a fan), and it turns out that her little sister, Sofia, has similar qualms. In a new profile on The Coveteur, the younger Richie confesses that she thinks she only looks good in Topshop jeans: “They’re to die.”

In a world full of denim-only brands, it might seem like an unexpected choice, but we’ve tried our fair share of Topshop jeans and have to agree—they’re pretty amazing. The fact that they’re not out of our budget, either? That’s just icing on the cake.

Head to The Coveteur to read the full interview, and scroll down to shop our favourite pairs of Topshop jeans!

Topshop Moto Blue-Black Joni Jeans ($65)

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