The Chicest Things on Your Feet Right Now Aren't Shoes

For many of us, socks are a bit of an ugly (or boring) necessity. They're important and practical for keeping our feet warm and being the bridge between our feet and shoes to ensure a lack of odour (ew) and a level of comfort. But, yet again, we've spotted a shift towards making the sock a statement piece in your outfit. 

As Alexa Chung, Leandra Medine, and Pandora Sykes demonstrate, allowing your socks to be a fashion statement, rather than just functional, appears to be a fantastic way forward. Which is great news as the weather is getting decidedly colder. So how should you wear this new micro-trend, and what kind of socks are we talking about? 

All three opted for the socks-with-loafers approach, but where Sykes wore some old-school FCUK white training socks, Medine opted to match her red shoes with her red socks. As for Chung, she went all black with socks and shoes. Keep scrolling for a look at how to style yours and where to shop the right kind of socks right now.

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Take a leaf out of Sykes's style book with these sporty socks. 

Make a subtle nod to the party season with these glitter socks. 

Pull these up and wear with cropped jeans and sneakers. 

This pink version is ideal for a more girly look.

Want to invest? Try these chic Marni socks and pair with platform sandals. 

Want to match your socks with your shoes? Check out these 17 flats for girls who can't get enough of them.

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