The Chicest Things on Your Feet Right Now Aren't Shoes

For many of us, socks are a bit of an ugly (or boring) necessity. They're important and practical for keeping our feet warm and being the bridge between our feet and shoes to ensure a lack of odour (ew) and a level of comfort. But, yet again, we've spotted a shift towards making the sock a statement piece in your outfit. 

As Alexa Chung, Leandra Medine, and Pandora Sykes demonstrate, allowing your socks to be a fashion statement, rather than just functional, appears to be a fantastic way forward. Which is great news as the weather is getting decidedly colder. So how should you wear this new micro-trend, and what kind of socks are we talking about? 

All three opted for the socks-with-loafers approach, but where Sykes wore some old-school FCUK white training socks, Medine opted to match her red shoes with her red socks. As for Chung, she went all black with socks and shoes. Keep scrolling for a look at how to style yours and where to shop the right kind of socks right now.