Seriously, Though—Was This the Year of the Sock?

There have been many clear fashion moments of 2017, and as is often the case thanks to friendlier price points, many of them have revolved around accessories: Straw basket, belt bags, nerdy specs, over-the-knee boots and corset belts have all been key. But none have been quite as ubiquitous and unyielding as the stream of socks we've witnessed. The humble knitted foot cover—so practical; so un-fun—has been elevated, notching up catwalk sashays, celebrity sightings, street style photographs and increasing price tags throughout the year. They've been given makeovers from every sector of the fashion industry: high-fashion brands such as Gucci, Vetements and Prada haven't left them alone for seasons now, while Rihanna's Fenty Puma line and other leading sportswear labels have continued to see their logoed tube socks flying out of stores and onto the feet of cool girls the globe over.