How to Style Sneakers in the Winter, From Our Favorite It Girls

No matter your style, there's no denying that sneakers are the most comfortable shoe out there. They save your feet from the aches and pains brought about by so many other styles, all while still making a fashion statement. Since the fashion world has accepted the casual shoe as an understated way to finish off just about any outfit, they're a safe (and stylish) choice for countless ensembles. In cold winter months, when your priority is getting through the day while staying cozy and comfortable, sneakers are a cool pairing with your bundled-up look. For a lesson in how to style sneakers in the winter, we've turned to our favorite It girls for major outfit inspo.

For a bold statement, sneakers look cool with contrasting socks and rolled-up jeans.

A heavy sock is just the thing to make sneakers doable with wide-leg pants in the winter.

On warmer days, pair some flashy sneakers with cropped jeans and save your layers for on top.

Add a pop of color with a bright hue that livens up your winter ensemble.

Don't be afraid to work sneakers into your winter skirt-and-dress looks.

Sometimes sneakers add the right touch of unexpected flair to an outfit.

Sneakers of all styles have become It girl–approved. Try a more daring pair with your next weekend look.

If you prefer something more subtle, you can never go wrong with traditional white sneakers.

Pair your white sneakers with cropped pants for an outfit that looks forward to spring.

Or let your white sneakers act as a cool contrast against menswear-inspired ensembles.

A classic pair of clean white sneakers always hit the mark with cuffed jeans.

White sneakers also allow you to play with eye-catching color and juxtaposed fabrications in the rest of your outfit.

Sometimes all you need is sneakers, jeans, and a great coat.

Even running shoes make a fashion-forward statement, especially when paired with something unexpected like a pastel suit.

Sneakers look particularly cool with suiting pieces like overcoats, button-downs, and slacks.

If you're someone who lives in black, sneakers are an easy way to provide some contrast.

Otherwise, black sneakers can look just as stylish.

Or opt for another colorway that suits your style.

In sum, there are so many winter-ready looks that look even cooler when finished off with sneakers.

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