The Sneakers the Who What Wear Team Buys on Repeat

Sneakers have come a long way from being that scruffy item that you only wear when you're a) exercising or b) hungover and dashing to the shops on a Sunday morning. These days, wearing trainers with your midi dress or tailored two-piece can look just as chic as with heels. Since 2015, when the Stan Smith Adidas trainer went viral (it probably has a lot to do with Céline's Phoebe Philo being a fan), the popularity of sneakers have only increased.

Last year, Business of Fashion reported that out of the 10 biggest-selling products from the last few months, three of those were trainers. This love for sneakers hasn't bypassed the Who What Wear team either, with plenty of us wearing trainers into the office on a daily basis. So what are the brands that we love to wear over and over? As it turns out, we've all got our favourites—keep scrolling to find out which sneakers brands the Who What Wear team buys on repeat.

#1: Nike

Sneakers Fashion Editors Buy: Nike


Shannon Peter

"I love that this colourway looks pretty casual from the front, so you can pair with summer dresses, but the cobalt blue, neon yellow and pastel pink mix at the back gives them a little something extra." —Shannon Peter, Byrdie UK deputy editor

#2: Converse

Sneakers Fashion Editors Buy: Converse


Emma Spedding

"I tend to wear midi dresses, but I don't really want to re-create the Lily Allen signature look, so I always buy Converse's classic low tops. They go with everything I own. I've worn them to everything from three-day festivals to the office." —Emma Spedding, Who What Wear UK deputy editor 

#3: Vans

Sneakers Fashion Editors Buy: Vans


Collage Vintage

"There's a reason you see these all over the street during fashion week: They come in enough colours to stop being boring, but the classics work with both fancy dresses and tailored trousers." —Elinor Block, Who What Wear UK assistant editor

#4: Superga

Sneakers Fashion Editors Buy: Superga


Getty Images

"I bought my first pair because I heard that the Olsens love them, and now I end up buying a new pair of white Supergas every summer because I wear them right in. They're the ultimate classics." —Isabel Mundigo-Moore, Who What Wear UK associate social media editor 

#5: Adidas

Sneakers Fashion Editors Buy: Adidas Stan Smith


Style du Monde

"I've worn Adidas Stan Smiths on and off for over three years now, mostly because they are just so comfy. As much as I like variety when it comes to accessories, trainer-wise, I always find myself back in the all-white 'wear with everything' Stan Smiths." —Barbara McMillan, freelance shopping editor

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