These Street Style Looks Prove You Can Wear Denim to Work

If your workplace has a strict dress code, it's highly likely one of the unspoken but entirely enforced rules is NO DENIM. Not a scrap of it. To be honest, I used to avoid wearing jeans to the office for fear of looking scruffy (and I work in fashion!), but I've realised—as denim has become an increasingly important part of the high-fashion lexicon—there are grown-up, super-chic, sophisticated and boardroom-appropriate ways that a girl can introduce jean pieces into her day-to-day wardrobe. 

There are two rules you really need to live by: 

1. Opt for clean, dark washes. They instantly look crisper and more pulled-together than anything light. You'll also find designers often use these more for tailored denim pieces, so there's a doubly sleek option.

2. Do not allow distressed finishes into the mix. As cool as they are, ripped jeans are more likely to make a bad impression in the boardroom. A subtle, artfully frayed edge here or there won't matter but full knee-baring holes are a step too far.

So we've rounded up some great street style looks to inspire you—and you can shop from them too!

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