Kanye West and I Agree: Wear This Trend in 2018

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Last month we were clued into the fact that Kanye West thinks small '90s-style sunglasses are the next big trend. While these throwback sunnies aren't exactly new (they have been a celebrity fave and a runway staple), expect them to make a major splash this coming spring. My obsession began when I first started wearing Adam Selman and Le Spec's cat-eye style, but since then I've come to crave other tiny styles.

And I'm not the only one. I've seen this teeny-tiny accessory with increasing frequency in my Instagram feed, and this fashion month I expect to see plenty more, especially styles by up-and-coming brands like Poppy Lissiman and George Keburia.

While the style might at first feel jarring when we've all spent so many years favouring super-size shades, it's surprisingly wearable. My recommendation: Try wearing them a bit lower on the bridge of your nose; they frame the eye better when they're not pushed all the way up on the face. And if the super-skinny style seems a bit too much to start out with, there are other small shades that may feel a little less intimidating. Shop a few of my current favourites below.   

These are the glasses you've spotted all over your Instagram feed.

Adam Selman's collaboration with Le Specs was a breakout hit last year but will continue to be a favourite in the months to come.

These are a celebrity favourite.

These sleek sunglasses are perfect for a holiday.

Calling all Matrix fans, these sunglasses are for you.

These ultra-sleek sunglasses are perfect for the trendsetter. 

An affordable pick for those feeling timid to try the trend.

These are a great intro to the smaller sunnies trend.

A favourite you've likely spotted on social media already.

Calling all retro-sunglasses lovers. 

Opening Image: Getty & Style du Monde

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