Closet Makeover: How I Made My Small NYC Space Feel Spacious

A little over two months ago—after 10 years of living in Los Angeles—I moved to New York City. Though I knew drastic change was inevitable, I wasn’t necessarily equipped to deal with the technicalities of city living. Sure, I know how to buy a MetroCard and hop on the subway, I feel comfortable crossing the street before the light actually turns green, but when it comes to the apartment experience I am, shall we say, less savvy. To put it lightly, New York’s apartments are small. Very, very small. To make matters worse, I chose to live in the West Village, which is a neighbourhood that’s notorious for having tiny living spaces (unless you’re Sarah Jessica Parker, who by the way, lives a block away from me!).  So once I moved in, I knew I needed to turn to the experts in order to create a sustainable environment for myself. First, I needed furniture that was both stylish and multi-functional, so I called upon Move Loot, a company that allows you to buy and sell a curated selection of second-hand furniture without the struggles of packing and moving, and that was kind enough to let me style my room with their beautiful pieces (more details on them here). Second, I required organizational advice from someone who knew the art of de-cluttering, or in my case, preventative de-cluttering. Enter Lili Pettit of Clutter Healing.

Scroll down to see how I made my small space feel spacious with the help of the aforementioned resources, and if you live in New York and have tips to share with me, leave them in the comments at the end!