We Just Tried on the Bra That Claims to Be One-Size-Fits-All

A few weeks ago, I was kindly sent a newly released underwear set from Sloggi, a brand that, in all honesty, I hadn't really come across before. What really made me sit up and pay attention, however, was the fact that the bra and pants were being branded as one-size-fits-all. Seriously. Coming in a range of colourways, the bra is a crop-top style with a deep-V and thick shoulder straps, while the underwear comes in two fits: high-waisted and hipster.

Is it really possible to make something as important as underwear fit all body shapes? I was highly dubious and worried this might be a poorly judged brand message, so was keen to find out…

Personally, I fell in love with the set the moment I tried it on (see my full review below) and proceeded to wax poetic to the rest of the team about my new discovery. However, I really wanted to road test the design's single-size credentials, as I couldn't quite believe that a bra could fit someone as small-busted as myself as well as my curvier colleagues. So, naturally, I called in the troops—aka Who What Wear's editors—to put the underwear through its paces.

Sloggi's go-round pants on Stephanie Broek.

As a team, we range from a UK 6 to a UK 12, and bra sizes 30C to 32DD, so obviously, we can't speak for every body shape and bust size, however, hopefully, we can give some sense of the extent of the underwear's multisize claims. Ready? Scroll down to see what happened when we got three of our editors to test out Sloggi's one-size-fits-all underwear and shop the style.

Joy Montgomery, Shopping Editor

When I first received Sloggi's all-around underwear set, I was ambivalent, as firstly, I've never been sure about high-waisted underwear (no matter how many fashion influencers wear them). I was also dubious about its one-size-fits-all credentials with my bust size. However, the moment I put them on, I was totally hooked. Super soft, oh-so-comfortable and unexpectedly flattering, I would happily wear this set all day every day. I do concede that, as someone who rarely wears underwired bras and is small-busted, I do require less support, but if you're in the same boat, then I couldn't recommend this underwear enough.

Zoe Anastasiou, Fashion Editor

“I never thought extensive analysis about bra fit would ever be a part of my job description, though we have certainly spoken at length about underwear in this office ever since Joy brought Sloggi’s one-size-fits-all products to our attention. I have to admit, I was slightly sceptical when trying the items, however, as promised, the bra and underwear did fit me despite my 5'1" petite frame. While I did love the comfort of Sloggi's smooth, woven fabric, I'd generally opt for a bra with a little more lift and support on a day to day basis. In my opinion, Sloggi’s triangle bralette would make the perfect option for those lazy days lounging around at home.”

Nell Block, Deputy Editor

"After breastfeeding, my boobs are a little softer and less pert. I’d say TMI, but these are facts, people, and a reality for so many women once they’ve finished nursing. For that reason, I need a bit more support than a stretchy crop top—although I would say it’s a perfectly decent nighttime bra. As for the pants, Sloggi is on to a winner. Stretchy, soft and ideal for wearing under basically any outfit, these are super comfy and I’d happily wear every day."

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