What a Fashion Psychologist Thinks of Your Slogan T-Shirt Choices


Original Graphic by Alison Yousefi

Welcome to Who What Wear UK's first-ever Wellness Week. With that back-to-school feeling in the air, we thought, what better time to hit pause and reset on the health and happiness of you and your wardrobe? From outfits that guarantee a good mood to the savviest ways you can update your look and the psychology of our purchasing habits, check back all week for a daily boost of style success.



Sandra Semburg

I'm forever fascinated by the reasons we choose to wear what we wear, so I've long been thinking about the semantics and potential motivations behind all the motif-emblazoned T-shirts I see on a daily basis. From designer branded crewnecks that go crazy on the streets (hey there, Gucci and Dior) through to the motifs and slogans that generate surprise cult buys (see this £40 French tee for starters), slogans and logos are omnipresent.

To get some inside knowledge on what our current T-shirt obsession could say about us, I caught up with my key contact, Carolyn Mair, Ph.D., a chartered psychologist who specialises in the field of fashion. Keep going to see her answers to my burning questions, and then carry on to shop some of the best logo tees around.