Victoria Beckham Uses This Unexpected Beauty Product, and We're Obsessed

I don't want to call myself a trendsetter, but I'm in great company here, as the silk pillowcases that Victoria Beckham, Gisele Bündchen and Cindy Crawford use have been part of my routine since I was a child. 

Silk has always been involved in my nighttime routine and it started with a silk headscarf given to me by my Mum to protect my afro hair. But I've since graduated to a silk pillowcase because the benefits also span into skincare. 

The friction-reducing product is not only great for preserving your hairstyle and keeping hair in place, but it also keeps your face hydrated and away from pesky pillow creases. Cotton absorbs more of your precious face cream than silk does and also causes more pressure on your skin; so it's well worth the swap.

Trust me, I don't sleep without mine, and I even take it with me when I'm travelling or staying at friend's houses. 

Keep scrolling to shop the silk products that need a place in your beauty routine.

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