How You Can Wear Pajamas Literally Anywhere

Welcome to our New Website series, where we feature e-tailers we love and know our readers will too. Whether it’s an old but under-the-radar favourite or a newly launched label, you’ll want to report back to your friends with the findings (or maybe keep them to yourself)!

You might be surprised to hear that for today’s instalment of our New Website series, we’re featuring a brand known for its pajamas, but it will make so much sense in just a few moments when you realise Sleeper is so much more than just pj’s. Sure, Sleeper is the brand’s name and sleepwear is its game, but the pieces are so chic, elevated, and high-quality that you’ll actually want to wear them in your everyday life. The best part? You totally can. (PS: This comes from someone who herself owns this outfit and wore it all summer long.)

Anyway, on the heels of its latest linen collection, which recently came out, we thought it would be a fitting time to not only find out more about the brand ourselves but also share all the deets with you. So we recently reached out co-founders Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa, who luckily answered all our most pressing questions. Scroll through to read the full interview, and then continue to shop our top picks from Sleeper!

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