Zara Thinks You Should Be Wearing This Heel Trend With Skinny Jeans

More than ever, we've come to the point at which Zara doesn't just sell trends—it sets them. The styling of the models has given us more outfit ideas than we care to admit, and one thing that we always watch out for is how the brand chooses to style classic pieces that you probably already own, such as trench coats, little black dresses and, of course, skinny jeans.

Ever since model Martha Hunt styled her jeans and T-shirt with kitten heels last month, we've been on alert for more examples of the combination. We didn't have to look much further than Zara, where we've noticed that nearly every model wearing skinny jeans lately has also been wearing kitten heels, whether in the form of slingback pumps, mules or ankle boots. We're fans of the look because it gives a polished feel to skinny jeans and makes the classic denim style feel of the moment, especially since kitten heels are such a major trend for fall. Ready to see the proof of Zara's love for this skinny jean–and–kitten heel combo?

See just a few examples of the outfit in action below, and shop the jeans and heels the models are wearing.

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