Am I the Only Girl Who Hates Wearing Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans are my wardrobe Everest, my fashion nemesis and my daily style kryptonite. We all have a thing that we'd describe as just not me, but why does my particular pain point have to be the very linchpin of almost every other closet across the globe? Skinny jeans have become an entirely trusted part of any girl's repetoire—they are, according to everyone everywhere, one of the most versatile, easy-to-throw-on things to wear. But are they? Really?

Ever since the super-skinny drainpipe jeans found their way from the '80s and back into the regular lineup of fashion choices for a trend-seeking girl in the mid-noughties, my mistrust and hatred toward the sausage-skin denim prison haven't wavered. Oh, I've tried black denim, high-waisted jeans, different hemlines, cut-off hemlines, hundreds of designer brands, skinny jeans that have been specifically tailored to my legs, side-zips, no-zips, stretch, no stretch… Every possible iteration of skinny jeans has been exhausted, and no person could doubt my efforts, but my legs—and my look—just won't have it. 

Maybe it's because I'm petite and (admittedly) chunky-of-thigh. It could be down to the fact that I veer more towards the '60s and '70s than any other decade—and we all know skinny jeans were not a key part of the style lexicon then. Some of my friends may argue that I consider skinny jeans to be too "mainstream" and have therefore rejected them out of some sort of sartorial spite—I'm more convinced it's that feeling of suffocation and having nowhere to hide… Either way, I'm sure I'm not alone and the good news is that denim brands, designers and the high street now cater to more varied jeans tastes: There are SO many other options on offer.

So if you're of the skinny jeans–loathing variety, I bring you my best alternatives. Keep reading to see the denim styles you'll love—even if you do love your skinnies to death…