A Definitive List of SJP's Chicest-Ever Shoes

There wasn’t a series of Sex and the City that aired without a major shoe storyline. Boyfriends came and went, but shoes were Carrie Bradshaw’s enduring love. There was the time she was mugged for her Monolos, the one where she gets shoe-shamed by her married friend and the shoe proposal in the first movie with those now iconic blue Monolos. Off screen, Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t short of her own envy-inducing heels, so it was a no-brainer that she translated her expertise into a business in 2014, launching the SJP Collection. The latest collection has just landed on Amazon UK, so we’ve chosen our favourites to shop now. We’re also offering up a style refresher from Carrie and SJP via a recap of their most inspiring shoe looks. Keep scrolling to take a look at SJP’s best shoe moments,