7 Low-Effort Makeup Looks I'd Like to Copy and Paste From Instagram

It’s been a long time since I’ve worn makeup (aside from dabbing a little concealer under my eyes for early morning school drop-offs that is). With almost a year spent working and staying home, you would be right to assume that my makeup bag has started gathering cobwebs in the corner of my bathroom. As someone who never used to leave the house without wearing mascara and lipstick, I have rather missed my makeup!

While I predominantly turned my focus to skincare in 2020 (which is certainly not a bad thing), this year, I’m officially ready to liven up my visage with makeup again. Because the reality is a little makeup makes me feel strong, confident, and ready to tackle the day—even if it's just a simple look. In fact, easy, low-effort makeup looks are what I’m all about right now—something that makes me look and feel great without taking up too much time or effort.

Simple Makeup Looks



Today I wanted to share some of the low-effort makeup looks I’ve been saving on Instagram that I’d like to copy for myself this year. From getting a little glow back to a pop of bold lip colour, take a peek below to get inspired to reach for your make-up bag once again.

Let It Glow
Simple Makeup Looks: Glowy complexion



As someone who loves a glowy complexion, the one item I can't wait to get back into rotation is a highlighter. Much like this look, I'll be dabbing a little onto my cheekbones and brow bones and finishing the luminous look with a subtle eye-liner flick. 

You're Making Me Blush
Simple Makeup Looks: Blusher



I'm always amazed at how just a little rosy blush can liven up our complexion in an instant. I'll be opting for one with a creamier texture that's easy to glide on the skin for a more dewy look. Pair it with a berry lip tint and you have one beautiful, easy, low-maintenance look.

Even It Out
Simple Makeup Looks: Even it out



A good base works wonders to get your skin looking even and prevent redness or blotchiness. Use alongside an easy-to-blend concealer and finish the look with a pretty pink lipstick—an easy and effortless look will take no time to do.

Look Into My Eyes
Simple Makeup Looks: Eyes



If you're like me and don't feel yourself without mascara then this beauty look will likely draw your attention. Keep the rest of your complexion in a neutral palette and let your eyes pop with a volumising mascara, brow enhancer, and eye liner if you want to take it a step further. 

Lips So Good
Simple Makeup Looks: Subtle lips



A subtle yet striking bold lip will instantly energize your look. Pair with a bronzer, soft eye shadow, and a little mascara for a simple, uncomplicated look.

Soft and Subtle
Simple Makeup Looks: Soft and subtle



French girls know a thing or two about effortless, low-key makeup and this soft matte look from Sabina Socol is ideal for achieving that no-makeup makeup look.

Statement-Making Simplicity
Simple Makeup Looks: Statement



Sometimes all you need is a lip gloss and some bold eye shadow to reinvigorate your complexion. So simple yet it makes a bold statement.