10 Signs You Need To Up Your Style Game

It’s happened to even the most fashion-forward ladies: you have a moment of wardrobe reflection and question whether you’ve become a little too comfortable in your clothes. How do you know if your look is totally tired? Just click through to see if you’re exhibiting any of the telltale signs that your closet needs a major makeover.

1. You have to explain to your co-worker: “These are actually different pants, they just look the same.”


Collage Vintage

Serial black pant syndrome is real, guys.

Instead Try: Printed Pants
?Clover Canyon Space Garden Pants ($216)

2. You take a “Come As You Are” party invite literally.


Style Du Monde

File this under questionable behaviour: you were wearing pajama pants, so you came in pajama pants.

Instead Try: Silk Pants
?Greylin Jules Silk Pants ($123)

3. You have a flip-flop tan line.



A pedicure run does not a tan line make. If you’re not at the beach, pool, or nail salon, skip the flip-flops.

Instead Try: Sandals
?Joie Sable Sandals ($150)

4. Sometimes you wear a sports bra to work, because comfort.



Is anyone really going to know the difference? Yes, probably.

Instead Try: A Soft Cup Bra
?Eberjey Pima Goddess Soft Cup Plunge Bra ($35)

5. You’ve been overheard saying: “It’s flowy, not frumpy.”


Collage Vintage

Sometimes, it’s the same thing.

Instead Try: A Structured Jacket
?Pim + Larkin Madeline Jacket ($79)

6. When buying a new piece, your first thought is: does this go with leggings?


Collage Vintage

Leggings are a farce of a pant. There, we said it.

Instead Try: Pants With Stretch
?J. Brand Aoki Low Rise Cropped Pants ($198)

7. You still have your bucket hats and baby tees from the ‘90s in your closet, just in case.



There are awesome trends from that decade that are still relevant. These aren’t them.

Instead Try: A Halter Dress
?Reformation Eve Dress ($198)

8. Your closet has a serious case of depression.


Collage Vintage

It’s blacks and grays as far as the eye can see.

Instead Try: A Colourful Top
?Collective Concepts Tile Print Cami ($54)

9. Your entire after-hours wardrobe consists of a single LBD.


Stockholm Street Style

We know it’s sad, it told us so. Get it some friends already.

Instead Try: A Statement Cocktail Dress
?Parker Leona Dress ($253)

10. The last trend you tried was a tiered prairie skirt.



We agree, Sienna Miller did look cute in it in 2004, but can move on from this together.

Instead Try: A Fluted Skirt
10 Crosby Derek Lam Skirt With Ruffle ($325)

Did you identify with any of the signs? Let us know in the comments!