Sienna Miller's 2000s Style in 20 Unforgettable Outfits

Often in fashion, looking back is as good an indicator of what to wear now as looking forward. In our eyes, circa-2004 Sienna Miller couldn’t put a sartorial foot wrong. We were as obsessed with the Brit icon’s credentials then as we are now. She essentially trademarked boho fashion: When she came on the scene, suddenly everyone wanted to copy her penchant for flowing skirts, floppy hats, wide belts and hippy waistcoats. She made a case for casual when a raft of A-listers were still dressing up in posh clothes for red carpet events.

If like us you’ve noticed the trend for such noughties classics as handkerchief tops and cowboy boots making a sharp return to fashion, you better believe Sienna wore it first. And you just know she’d be pairing her looks with minimal makeup and loose beachy waves, whether attending a festival or a film opening. Whilst you can undoubtedly chart her style evolution, some looks we swore must be current-day were actually from as far back as 2003. This stylish blonde doesn’t appear to age, and neither do her outfits. Keep scrolling to take a look back at some of Sienna Miller’s greatest fashion moments.

We suggest you make your wardrobe more Sienna-centric ASAP.