This Cute Bag Has Been Popular Every Month of This Year

Impractical It bags have been trending for several seasons—from artisanal baskets carried in the snow to teeny-tiny top handle bags by Jacquemus. I ordered one mini bag by Simon Miller that was so tiny that my phone poked out over the top.

Shrimps's pearl Antonia bag, in theory, falls into this category. It is so heavy it is like a fashion girl's dumbbell, it is totally open and is made of beads. However, it has been popular every month this year, and has more longevity than we initially thought. This is an It bag that continues to sell out season after season and will remain just as cool in 2019 and beyond.

The pearl-coloured bag is perhaps the most classic, however, it is now available in gold, powder blue, red, black, navy and more variations. Keep scrolling to see how influencers are wearing the bag, and shop the styles that are still in stock.