These 4 Low-Maintenance Hairstyles Look Particularly Chic With Thick Hair

After being understandably denied the salon experience these last few months, it makes sense that scheduling in an appointment with our favourite hairdresser has become a priority, and will mark the first time that most of us will have had a trim since the start of the year. 

Much like actresses who contractually agree to keep their hair long for recurring roles—think Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emilia Clarke, to name a few—it seems that now we have the green light to switch-up our hair, we're fully embracing the opportunity by opting for dramatically shorter styles

Spoiler alert: Shorter hair doesn't necessarily mean its easier to manage—particularly if you're blessed with a head of thick hair, too. However, if you select your cut wisely, it can literally lift a weight off your shoulders and cut down on maintenance time, too. So, which short hairstyles for think hair work best? We consulted with Nicholas Hardwick, principal stylist at Josh Wood Colour, and Amir Mayha, co-owner and director of Aer Blowdry Bar, to discover their recommended short hairstyles for thick hair. See what they had to say below. 


"This is a very practical but charming haircut and works on both wavy and straight hair types. You'll need to work with your hairdresser to determine the best length for your hair type, and how long you actually want it to sit, and how much product you want to use, but thicker hair looks gorgeous styled in a long pixie." — Amir Mayha, co-owner and director of Aer Blowdry Bar


"The iconic one-length bob haircut is probably one of the coolest looks out there, and it's an excellent option for women with thick hair. It can be combined with a thick short fringe to give your face a bold square-shaped framing, or with a side fringe should you want to add some softness." — Amir Mayha, co-owner and director of Aer Blowdry Bar


"Rachel from Friends is the ultimate thick-hair muse, and while she had many looks throughout the seasons, one of the common denominators amongst them was side-partings. While those with thinner strands usually opt for centre-partings to ensure even distribution of the hair, those with thick hair can embrace a deep side-parting without concern." — Nicholas Hardwick, principal stylist at Josh Wood Colour


"While blunt bobs can look amazing on those with thick hair, some of my favourites looks involve a bob with long layers, which can then be styled to appear lighter in weight using waving wands for movement and products for defining texture. It's easily one of the most popular hairstyles my clients ask for—most likely due to its timelessness and versatility." — Nicholas Hardwick, principal stylist at Josh Wood Colour

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