Everything You Need for a More Pleasant Commute

No matter how much you love your job, the commute to and from the office tends to feel tedious. Whether you drive to work every day or take public transportation, annoyances abound and are pretty much a given. As a Brooklyn resident who works in Manhattan, I am well versed in this downside of the daily grind, but I’ve picked up some crucial tips over the years that have made the journey a little less awful.

Having done a lot of driving in cities like Los Angeles as well, I’ve found that these pointers are easily adaptable to different locales. So, in case you’re equally fed up with the discomfort that often comes with commuting, I thought I’d share my definitive list of necessities for making it through. Just think of the below items as crucial investments in your sanity!

Scroll down to find out what you should have on hand for a more enjoyable commute.