Anyone With Big Boobs Needs to Shop These 9 Perfect Brands

Being blessed with a larger bust isn't a problem. In fact, it can be brilliant. That is, however, until you go shopping. As someone with a D cup (so the smaller end of the fuller-chest spectrum), trying to find tops, dresses and coats that fit around my upper half can be a bit of a nightmare, especially as I'm also a size 10.




However, it's worth noting that there are many brands out there that cater to women with D+. Plenty of high-street brands now stock plus-sizee lines, not to mention some specifically bigger-bust lingerie brands that recognise everyone is a different body shape. And if you're not plus-size but still need some extra breathing space in the chest region? There are a few brands that I'd recommend shopping from that give you a flattering shape and enough room so you don't have any embarrassing bra-flashing situations. Keep scrolling to see (and shop) the best brands for girls with large busts.

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Opening Image: Courtesy Mango