21 Sunglasses Trends: From Classic to Controversial

Like most, we revel in the chance to bathe in a spot of sunshine the moment that summer rears its beautiful sunny head. The problem is that every year around the same time, we manage to misplace our sunglasses from the previous heatwave. Okay, we lie. We haven't lost our shades at all—we simply want a new pair and, boy, are there some good styles around right now.

We've scoured the best online shops, as well as looking at the biggest trends of the season, to find a multitude of frames you can't fail to fall in love with. From Gucci's fabulous rhinestone sunnies to the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers, we guarantee there is something for everyone: from classic to totally crazy.

So before you start panicking about what to wear to the office when an inevitable heat wave hits, in the meantime at least make all your outfits summer ready with a decent pair of sunglasses. Tip: Just remember where you keep them for next year, or at least learn to fake such a thing convincingly.

Keep scrolling for our pick of the best sunglasses, from the latest trends to faithful old classics.

The Customisable:

An accessory that has its own accessory? Yes please. These can be worn with the fancy clip on embellishment or without. Win, win. 

The Hexagonal:

Feeling adventurous? Then these hexagonal beauties will do the trick without seeming too challenging.

The Blue:

We love a good coloured lens. These from Ray-Ban are a classic style in a not-so-classic colour. 

The Modern Vintage:

Chloé does it again with this '70s-inspired specs. Perfect for boho girls and city slickers alike.

The Black With a Twist:

Matt black and curved lines are ideal for those who like a darker colour but want a modern edge.

The Tortoiseshell:

Tortoiseshell is a winner for those who can't make up their minds. Will look good on anyone, forever and ever, amen.

The Round:

John Lennon wasn't wrong with his love of round-frame sunglasses—but things have moved on somewhat. Opt for this pretty, sparkle-rimmed pair.

The Steampunk:

Bring out your inner Victorian goth with these steampunk-inspired sunnies. Hey, if Dior approves, so do we.

The Glitz:

Whatever your prejudices about rhinestones, you'll put them all aside for this gorgeous pair. 

The Classic Aviators:

A true style icon. Wear with flares and a pussy-bow blouse for a complete homage to the '70s trend. 

The Art Deco:

Is Daisy Buchanan your style icon? Transport yourself to the 1920s with these Art Deco–style frames.

The New Oversize:

Great when you want to make your face look smaller or just a bit mysterious. 

The Never-Fail:

Don't want to commit to something too fashion-forward? These never go out of style. 

The Rose-Tinted:

Yes. Yes to the pink. Yes to the purple. Yes to everything.

The Sports-Luxe:

The silhouette might not be new but the all-green hue is. To be worn at the beach, preferably while toting a surfboard and sporting beachy locks. 

The Modern Cat Eye:

These are serious-impact sunnies—but with the safety blanket of being rendered in classic tortoiseshell. A real way to make a statement with your eyes, no wonder so many A-listers like them.

The Hybrid:

Don't love dark sunnies? Don't love light sunnies? Then here's the middle ground. These are delightfully fresh and perfect for kicking about at a festival.

The Kooky:

Like an extreme, reworked version of the cat eye, these are sure to get you noticed. 

The New Kids on the Block:

Can't get enough of Self-Portrait dresses? Thank the fashion gods then that there's been a collaboration with Le Specs.  

The Jackie O's:

A classic black oversize pair that will make every outfit you wear look chic. Be sure to wear these inside for added allure. 

The Embellished:

Embellished and perspex? Unleash your inner Liberace, stat.

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Opening Images: philltaylormade.com

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