5 Shoes Fashion Girls Always Wear With Leather Outfits

I recently bought a faux-leather skirt—a midi with a button-down front and a tie waist—and was excited to wear it. I stood in front of the mirror, tried it on with my favourite jumper and knew it was a winning combination. “I’ll wear this for my next walk with a friend,” I told myself as I admired my reflection. “Now for shoes.”

Assuming this would be an easy task, I encountered an unexpected stumbling block. Every pair of shoes I tried on just didn’t seem to work. Granted, many of my shoes are made from black leather, the same texture and colour as the skirt, and they all felt too heavy, particularly as we’re entering spring. So I decided to turn to some of my favourite influencers to see what they deem as the best shoes to wear with leather outfits.

Scroll below to see the footwear choices they’ve made, which pair perfectly with their leather staples, then shop the pieces you need to re-create their flawless looks.


Shoes to Wear with Leather Outfits: @emmanuellek_ wears white trainers with leather trousers



White trainers aren't shoes that I considered wearing with leather outfits before, but if I look half as chic as Emmanuelle does in her get-up, I'll consider it a success. 


Now that temperatures are starting to rise, shoe options have increased tenfold. Looking at Renia's leather culottes and mules paired together, it's evident that shoes that show more skin look the part with leather pieces. 


Shoes to Wear with Leather Outfits: @femmeblk wears a leather skirt with minimal heeled sandals



Following on from Renia's look, Lydia also proves that minimal, barely-there sandals make leather dresses and skirts look significantly more elegant than chunkier heels. 


This is a trick I've seen a few Instagrammers trying: wearing boots the same hue as their leather strides. Being 5' 3", this is a look I'm tempted to try to see if it makes my legs look longer. 


Shoes to wear with leather outfits



Here's another combination I didn't necessarily expect to work, but I can't get over how sleek Jessica's on-trend thong sandals look with her tapered trousers. Kudos. 

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