7 Shoes Fashion People Always Wear With Knitted Dresses

I recently bought a knitted midi dress—a cream cardigan-type style with tortoiseshell buttons and a surprisingly flattering V-neck—and I’ve been excited to wear it. Its arrival was perfectly timed with the current cold snap, so as soon as it arrived, I stood in front of the mirror, tried it on and knew it was going to be my autumn hero piece. All that was left to do was decide which shoes to wear with it.

Throwing open my wardrobe drawers, I assumed finding the perfect pair of shoes to match my knitted dress would be an easy endeavour. However, as I started trying it on with my block-heel slingbacks and trusty ballet pumps, I encountered an unexpected stumbling block. They just didn’t seem to work.

The length of the dress and its weighty fabrication meant that many of my shoes, which are mostly on the delicate side, just didn’t look right. So I decided to turn to some of my favourite influencers to see what they think the best shoes to wear with knitted dresses are. Handily, there is plenty of inspiration to choose from.

Continue on to see what fashion people think are the correct shoes to wear with knitted dresses, and you’ll be ready for autumn before you know.


Shoes to Wear with Knitted Dresses: @smythsisters wears a brown knit dress with chunky track-sole boots



Style Notes: Is there any outfit track-sole boots can’t infinitely improve? Their clunky aesthetic makes them the ideal accompaniment to knitted textures, as it’ll balance out any bulk. 

Shoes to Wear with Knitted Dresses: @modedamour wears a cream knit dress with matching loafers



Style Notes: Though my ballet pumps weren’t the answer, there’s another flat shoe style that goes significantly better with knitted dresses. I don’t know if it’s the fact they boast more coverage or that their soles tend to be thicker, but loafers look the part. 


Shoes to Wear with Knitted Dresses: @greceghanem wears a green ombre knitted dress with strappy heeled sandals



Style Notes: Knitted dresses make for the perfect relaxed after-dark attire. All you need to do is switch out your daytime shoes in favour of something a little slinkier—such as Grece’s strappy sandals. 


Shoes to Wear with Knitted Dresses: @_jessicaskye wears a grey knitted dress with chunky trainers



Style Notes: Okay, so hers is technically a two-piece, but Jessica’s ensemble proves that knitted dresses also benefit from being worn with trainers. I recommend running shoes for a smidge more height. 

Shoes to Wear with Knitted Dresses: @abimarvel wears a navy knitted dress with mule heels



Style Notes: Mules are still going strong this autumn, and the simple silhouette means they’re ideal worn with dresses of any sort—including, naturally, knitted dresses. 


Shoes to Wear with Knitted Dresses: @monikh wears a black knitted dress with chunky flip-flops



Style Notes: Though it certainly isn’t the time of year to be talking about flip-flops, I’d be remiss not to mention them here, as nearly every woman on my list has worn their knitted dresses with a pair this year. So whether you’re keen to start prepping your 2022 wardrobe or intend on wearing them in place of slippers around the house, know that your chunky flip-flops will look excellent with knitted dresses. 


Shoes to Wear with Knitted Dresses: @eniswardrobe wears a green knitted midi dress with tan ruche boots



Style Notes: Knee boots are proving more popular than ever this season, and one of my favourite ways to wear them is underneath midi dresses. Eni spearheads the look with her knitted dress and knee-high boots in the most beautiful sage and tan colourways. 

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