These 5 Pairs of Shoes Will Go With Almost Every Dress You Own

To many, the appeal of wearing a dress is that it requires very little thought when it comes to styling. It's an all-in-one outfit that gives the illusion of effort, but in reality, it is often the easiest thing you can throw on in the morning. This is why it has become the unofficial summer uniform for British women over the past few years. If, like me, you like to throw on an outfit in under five minutes, then you won't want to waste any time thinking about the shoes either. Whether you're opting for a mini, midi or maxi, something fitted or a piece with a tent-like silhouette, I have listed five shoes which will go with almost any dress this spring

The next few months will largely be comprised of walks, picnics and outdoor dining when restaurants reopen, so all the footwear below are everyday options that err on the practical side. From sandals to trainers to boots, these five pairs of shoes will be the perfect partner to any dress you own. Keep scrolling for the proof…

1. Fisherman Sandals

Shoes to wear with dresses 2021: caged sandals



I have a hunch that fisherman sandals will be the sandals of 2021, and the biggest indicator is that these caged leather sandals are the latest It shoe from The Row. Their appeal is that they are practical walking shoes and will go with almost any summer outfit.

2. Chunky Boots

Shoes to wear with dresses 2021: chunky boots


Heart Zeena

Chunky boots have been popular for the last few years, and they are the perfect thing to wear in between seasons with a spring dress. They also help toughen up anything you think might be too formal or a bit much for another lap of the park.

3. White Pumps

Shoes to wear with dresses 2021: white pumps



This won't be a surprise to anyone, as white trainers with a sundress have been a double act forever. We think that Vejas look particularly good with dresses.

4. Classic Black Sandals

Shoes to wear with dresses 2021:



Next up, we have another no-brainer—black leather sandals. These are so simple and barely noticeable, so they seamlessly match with any dress.

5. Flip-Flops

Shoes to wear with dresses 2021:  flip flops



Flip-flops were once considered beach shoes and definitely not something to stroll around a city in. However, the Copenhagen fashion crowd changed that a few summers ago when they started wearing Havaianas with their midi dresses to fashion week. This year, there are lots of beautiful elevated versions made of leather which would go with almost any dress.

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