The Fashion Set Always Style Their Cargo Trousers With These Shoes

The recent rise in popularity of cargo pants came as a surprise to most fashion editors. Championed by celebrities who made a very compelling case for the style—including Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid—we started to perceive this trouser style as less clueless dad and more cool girl. A few years in and the ergonomic trousers have entirely shaken off their former reputation, attracting a swarm of cargo-converts to the check-out button.

However, the abundance of pockets and casual, draped shape does make styling them a bit difficult. To help, we've tried wearing cargos with just about every type of shoe you can imagine, and I've whittled it down the styles that work the best. 

Shoes to wear with cargo trousers: @emiliesindlev styles cargo pants with sandals.



From sleek kitten-heels to the perfect trainers, we've done the hard work so that you can style your cargo trousers with ease. Read on to discover which shoes we love to wear with cargo trousers.


Shoes to wear with cargo trousers: @by.regiina styles cargo trousers with a kitten heel.



Style Notes: Nothing will elevate the look of your cargo trousers quite like a chic kitten heel. The mini heel packs a punch, delivering a sleek and stylish finish whilst juxtaposing the utilitarian nature of the trousers.

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I'm all in for the mesh-shoe trend.

The adjustable ankle cords allow you to tailor the fit to your liking.

If you ask anyone in the Who What Wear UK office what their favourite slingback shoes are, they'll point you towards these.

Nili Lotan is our go-to for premium cargo trousers.

This versatile pair is easy to style with just about anything.


Shoes to wear with cargo trousers: @jullie.jeine styles cargo trousers with white trainers.



Style Notes: It could be argued that cargo trousers look best with equally ergonomic accessories, such as retro trainers. To lean all the way in, consider styling with a crossbody bag and bomber jacket.

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This lightweight fabric gives a super-casual vibe. 

Hoff trainers have been catching my eye recently.

These COS cargo trousers toe the line between tailored and cargo, and for that reason, I adore them.


Shoes to wear with cargo trousers: @monikh styles cargo trousers with flip flops.



Style Notes: For a breezy, casual outfit, look no further than cargos with flip-flops. This playful combination is so easy to fall back on during warmer weather. If you want to hone a more polished look, consider tracking down thong flip-flops with a small heel, but if you'd prefer to keep your feet on the ground, a flat pair in smooth leather works just as well. To complete the ensemble, opt for cargo trousers in a light fabric such as cotton or linen for a harmonious pairing.