The Shoes Fashion People Won't Ever Wear Again

The saying goes, "If the shoe fits, wear it." But for many of us, there are certain shoes we won't put on again, no matter how chic they may be. All it takes is one evening in cramped stilettos to learn our lesson: The shoe may fit, but it still may not be worth it. Even fashion editors—women who have mastered the art of finding the best of the best—sometimes get it wrong (and pay the consequences). 

So what footwear have women in the know given up on entirely? We tapped a handful of editors from within the fashion industry to share the shoes they won't ever wear again. Their insightful answers run the gamut, but all touch on one important fact: It's important to be comfortable in the shoes you're in—stilettos, sandals or otherwise.

Read on for their responses and shop shoes to wear instead…

Laura Lajiness from The Zoe Report

"I will never wear wedges. Despite the gorgeous iterations on the market, I can't stand the heft of a wedge sole and feel as though I'm clomping around. I prefer daintier shapes and mid-heel silhouettes instead, especially with sleeker silhouettes in which a wedge would look awkward and bulky."

"I've been living in these mules by Attico."

Laurel Pantin from The Coveteur

"Of course—never say never, but I can't see myself wearing super-high pointy crazy statement stilettos ever again. I don't think I'm a candidate for those 'beauty is pain' kinds of shoes anymore."

"Lately I'm living in my Gucci loafers, Miu Miu ballet flats, and these super-minimalist Cornetti sandals."

Jennifer Davidson Editor in Chief of The Fashion Spot

"I refuse to wear any heel over 3 1/2 inches. The glamour of a high heel just isn't worth the pain."

"I'm much happier these days in my sneakers (Adidas Gazelles), flats or a manageable heel I can actually walk in."

Hannah Weil McKinley from PopSugar Fashion

"The shoes I'll never wear again: Zara's knee-high gladiator sandals. I fell in love with the dramatic knee-high gladiators from Valentino just a couple of seasons ago and bought myself a great pair of knockoffs from Zara that I imagined I'd wear on repeat with flowy dresses. After just a day in them during a sweltering NYC summer, my calves were covered in red welts. (They looked worse than Kim Kardashian's poor pregnancy feet—you remember those, don't you?). The sandals were pushed to the back of my closet not long after the incident and I haven't worn them since. It's a good reminder that while I love trends, sometimes, they're better left on the runway—not running around the city in your real life."

"I stumbled on this pair of mules by accident and then couldn't say no to the cute denim finish. I'm happy I didn't—the heel height is perfect, the straps are comfy, and they go with EVERYTHING."

Susan Waits from PureWow

"Platform flip-flops. Blame it on the Birkenstocks—and the decade. I've gotten way too comfortable in slide sandals and flats to ever consider flip-flops again, especially if it's in any kind of platform or wedge situation. I mean, it's not like '00s fashion will ever come back around. (Oh god, '00s fashion is coming next, isn't it?)"

"What I'm super into now are maximalist sneakers. The more colour and embellishment, the better. After several years of white sneakers dominating, it's fun to play around with kookier styles. It's refreshing that trends are brightening up after a long stint of minimal palettes."

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