We Can't Believe We're Telling You to Wear Shells This Season

If the last time you wore shell jewellery was back in high school (and it was a souvenir from a summer holiday), chances are you're going to be a little bit confused by this trend. But trust us when we say it's been redefined, and it's actually really elevated (and cool).

Though the shell jewellery trend was building throughout 2017, it has well and truly hit its stride. It started when buzzy label Albus Lumen put linen pieces featuring mirrored shell buttons, and a jewellery collaboration (featuring shells) with Ryan Storer in its Resort 18 show. Since then, the trend has only grown, reeling in a number of designers from Isabel Marant to Ellery. 

Intrigued by the seashell trend? Keep scrolling to shop the pieces we’re loving.

This story was originally posted at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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