Fashion Secrets Only People From Sheffield Know

Sheffield: It doesn't have the allure of Birmingham's Selfridges or the draw of Leeds's Harvey Nichols. Its city centre is minute in comparison to Manchester's sprawling metropolis. But it's still a seriously fashionable city. How do I know this? Because I grew up there. Thanks to its incredible creative scene that encompasses many (many) musicians, artists, designers, et al., I can confirm that there is plenty going on to shape the way in which the people of Sheffield shop and dress.

For those who have grown up in the Steel City and want to be reminded of all the little-known fashion secrets Sheffielders love, this list is for them. And if you're not from there, then here's a rough guide as to why not everyone in the north wears a flat cap and looks like Sean Bean. Keep scrolling for the nine fashion secrets only people from Sheffield know.