Fashion Secrets Only People From Sheffield Know

Sheffield: It doesn't have the allure of Birmingham's Selfridges or the draw of Leeds's Harvey Nichols. Its city centre is minute in comparison to Manchester's sprawling metropolis. But it's still a seriously fashionable city. How do I know this? Because I grew up there. Thanks to its incredible creative scene that encompasses many (many) musicians, artists, designers, et al., I can confirm that there is plenty going on to shape the way in which the people of Sheffield shop and dress.

For those who have grown up in the Steel City and want to be reminded of all the little-known fashion secrets Sheffielders love, this list is for them. And if you're not from there, then here's a rough guide as to why not everyone in the north wears a flat cap and looks like Sean Bean. Keep scrolling for the nine fashion secrets only people from Sheffield know.

#1: You know it's one of the best cities outside of London for vintage shopping.

Whether you're rifling through Freshmans or Mooch Vintage, there are plenty of pieces to snap up. From '60s-style dresses to really cool old-school Adidas finds, there's bound to be stuff that will suit. Plus, it's usually half the price you'd pay in London.

Sheffield fashion: It's great for vintage finds


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#2: You can go home and get changed for a night out, instead of having to wear what you did for work.

Who knew that it could be so easy to look good for after-work drinks? All you need is to be able to nip home first, eat, shower and get ready with a glass of white wine in hand.

Sheffield fashion: you can go home and get ready for a night out


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#3: Trainers on a night out aren't usually acceptable, but a pair of jeans and a nice top are.

Obviously, trainers are still acceptable in many places, even on a night out, but people still like to get dressed up in the North. Sheffield might not be on the same level as Leeds and Newcastle (those who know, know there's a big difference), but a nice top and jeans plus heels work wonders for Gatsby's, Picture House or the Leadmill.

Sheffield fashion: a nice top and jeans is great


Style du Monde

#4: You hope every man you meet will either dress like Jarvis Cocker or Alex Turner.

Alas, this isn't always the result, but we can always dream (and/or restyle an existing man-friend).

Sheffield fashion: Jarvis Cocker and Alex Turner


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#5: For that reason, corduroy and skinny jeans will always be acceptable.

Thanks to the abundance of new bands in Sheffield cropping up every week, these trends never seems to subside.

Sheffield fashion: Jarvis Cocker and Alex Turner



#6: It's home to unique boutiques.

Sheffield has an incredible creative scene, which means the likes of independent boutiques such as Syd & Mallory have flourished. The store, which has been going since 2006, stocks original pieces, from cool embroidered tees to edgy athleisure-inspired sweatshirts. But if that's not your thing, there's also new label Line Cut Supply, which offers chic, simple workwear for women, and shop CollardManson, which is stuffed full of fun trinkets, incuding vintage jewellery.

#7: It's (pretty much) Vogue-endorsed, thanks to the Chatsworth House Style exhibition, which is basically in Sheffield.

Curated by none other than Vogue's editor at large Hamish Bowles and sponsored by Gucci, the House Style exhibition showcases five centuries of fashion at the stately home. The show is on until October 2017, so it's worth catching to see all the pretty dresses (there are so many).

#8: You spent your teenage years wearing baggy jeans for hanging out at the skate park.

And we have no shame in admitting that. PS: This kind of denim silhouette is actually making a comeback, so I hope you held onto them from the first time around.

Sheffield fashion: you wore baggy jeans


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#9: You definitely own(ed) something from Rocky Horrors.

At some point in your life growing up in the Steel City, you entered goth heaven Rocky Horrors and came out with a Green Day/Nirvana/Pearl Jam T-shirt.

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