These Spring Shoes Might Just Tempt You Out of Your Slippers

A new pair of sandals might not be at the top of your shopping wish list right now, but might we suggest you reconsider this? With around a month until spring officially kicks in, we see little point of investing in anything too winter-specific. Instead, we're looking for purchases we can make now, that'll carry us through until the warmer months. So let us present you with the shoe set to dominate 2021 that was made with this very purpose in mind. 

In place of chunky boots, we're seeing an increasing number of shearling sandals cropping up in our favourite new-in sections. Why? They easily transition from the cooler months to summer, thanks to their furry details. Now, before you write this trend off as impractical, give it a spin and we promise you'll change your mind. We've already started to see the fashionable likes of Rachel Clifton and Erica Davies giving the shearling sandal trend a whirl and, we must say, they're looking chic in the process.

Shearling Sandals: @erica_davies displays her shearling sandal collection



Whether you're looking to wear them with your favourite joggers, with vintage jeans, or a floral midi dress, thanks to shearling sandals, you'll be able to start weaning yourself off wearing slippers 24/7 and actually feel like putting on actual shoes (albeit toasty ones). 

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