This Is What Fashion Pros Wear When It Gets REALLY Cold

When winter really strikes, that crisp trench coat doesn't quite cut it, does it? When it's so frosty that window shopping is totally off of your urban agenda and long country walks are replaced with fireside chats, it's time to upgrade your outwear situation—and fast.

There's a certain breed of fashion pro that doesn't let sub-zero weather conditions kill their cool; it's well worth joining ranks with them by reaching for a shearling coat, gilet or jacket. It just works. This season, the premium and high-street shearling game is at its peak. The look du jour is oversize, androgynous and oh-so wearable. Go for a roomy size, a boxy fit and an aviator or '70s twist to capture the styles beloved of the FROW.

Scroll down to see how our favourite style moguls are staying cosy in shearling, and then shop our shearling edit!


What's your go-to cosy winter coat? Let us know.