I Have a Feeling You Already Own Spring's #1 Buy

Hands up if you bought into the shacket trend last year. (That'll be all of you, then.) You could definitely argue that the humble shacket was 2019's ultimate hero buy—one which even we didn't see coming. Now though, we can't even bear to think about getting dressed without it. This is why we're so pleased, even though we find ourselves on the cusp of a new season, that the shacket is still very much part of 2020's style agenda

Both high-street and designer brands have pledged their allegiance to the shacket, with more styles cropping up in this week's new-in sections than any other garment. From Topshop's cream offering to Vince's buttery-soft leather take, the shacket looks set to continue dominating our wardrobes right through till spring. 

Thrown on with your favourite jeans and boots or styled with miniskirts and heels, the shacket will elevate all of your looks to cool new heights in a flash. But don't take our word for it. Here are six fresh shacket outfit ideas to try over the coming weeks. 


Shacket Outfit Ideas: @styleidealist



Style Notes: Nothing says spring quite like a pastel hue, which is handy seeing as the latest shacket edit seems to be predominantly candy colours. Karina expertly stops her ensemble from becoming too twee by adding a strong burgundy bag into the equation. 

Shacket Outfit Ideas: @monikh



Style Notes: While it's a no-brainer to wear your shacket with trusty denim, the more you wear it, the more the novelty will wear off. Ensure you keep the spark alive by switching out your jeans in favour of a pair of leather trews (be they vegan or leather) from time to time. 


Shacket Outfit Ideas: @ada_oguntodu



Style Notes: Not all shackets are made equal—nor are they all woollen, either. Make like Ada and hunt down leather iterations of the shacket for a glossy take on the relaxed trend. Then, for maximum retro appeal, pair with wide-leg jeans. 


Shacket Outfit Ideas: @alexisforeman



Style Notes: We've said it before, and we'll say it again: The easiest way to look effortlessly chic is to wear one colour top to toe. Alexis applies this logic to her cream shacket, which she's paired with matching ecru jeans. 


Shacket Outfit Ideas: @pernilleteisbaek



Style Notes: Striking the perfect high-low outfit balance is an art form—one that Pernille has mastered. Her oversize shacket offsets her short hemline, while her glitzy shoes are neutralised with the addition of woollen socks. 

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