Flashback: The SATC Outfits We Should Never Have Forgotten

As long as we're wearing clothes, we won't forget the impact Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw has had on our outfits. Whether that's giving us the courage to wear a bumbag as a fashion accessory or deciding to wear a scarf around our arm, the whimsical and sometimes more outlandish stylings from SATC have given us the oomph to be more adventurous in the fashion stakes. 

But it's not just the outfits of Carrie that have given our wardrobes life over the years. The other characters—Charlotte York, Samantha Jones and Miranda Hobbes—have all influenced us in one way or another. And thanks to a new Instagram account that is charting all the fashion moments on the iconic New York TV show, @everyoutfitonsatc, we can remind ourselves about all the incredible looks the programme spawned over the years. 

Below, we've selected some of our favourite unforgettable outfits, looks and fashion moments from the Insta account.

Keep scrolling below for a look at our favourite fashion moments from SATC.

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