Serena van der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf: Whose Closet Is Better?

Serena and Blair's rivalry continues on, and we have to know: Who has the best closet after all? Harper's Bazaar included both in a list of the best on-screen closets of all time. Naturally we zeroed on our favourites from Gossip Girl's best frenemies, so we thought we'd play a fun game of which closet would you like to own! Blair has an entire wall for her shoes, cute blue knobs accessorizing her drawers, and clean, in-wall shelving. Serena has a desk to plan her outfits, a well-lit closet, and a ton of room to assemble her looks.

Scroll down to see their fabulous closets!

Blair Waldorf's Closet:


Gossip Girl

Serena Van Der Woodsen's Closet:

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Whose closet do you like better, Blair's or Serena's? Tell us below!