Is This Edgy Fashion Piercing Going Mainstream?

Once relegated to the underground punk scene, unusual piercings have been trickling into the mainstream for some time now, and it appears that the nasal septum is the latest to crossover hit. Arguably one of the boldest body parts to get pierced (ahem…that you can see with clothes on), this tiny wall of cartilage garners instant attention when set with something shiny. It’s a far cry from the lobe damage done at Claire’s in our early years, and probably lacking in parental approval.

But, alas, we listen to other guides these days, and endorsements by the likes of Riccardo Tisci and Gigi Hadid have us wondering if the piercing might be worth trying out. And, if so, J. Colby Smith of New York Adorned would be the man for the job, having tended to a slew of fashion figures, including Emily Weiss and Leandra Medine. He’s long been considered the go-to piercer for the chicest ladies of the world, and if the cultural prevalence of septum rings continues at this pace, his customer base is bound to expand.

We scoured Pinterest for the coolest images of ladies with septum rings. Scroll down to see the results!