It's Official: Everyone's Already Booking in for These September Nail Colours

With September's arrival comes a whole seasonal shift in nail trends. As we head into the first month of autumn, it signals the beginning of those dark nail colours that are classic autumn nail trends that return year after year. However, after sitting down with Iram Shelton, Bulgari Hotel London's resident manicurist, for a manicure, we got chatting about the mood around nail colours right now. Trends go beyond what we're seeing on Instagram or celebrities. Of course, these absolutely influence the nail colour we land on in when sit down in the salon chair, but there are several factors that influence the colours that we are drawn to, too.

September nail colours: Chanel nail polishes in brown shades



Shelton noted that she's seeing a shift to more "spiritual" shades like blue and purple amongst the traditional autumn nail colours that we typically see at this time of the year. Rather than following trends, we're starting to be drawn towards the nail shades that bring us joy. After all, like our makeup and hair, nails are an extension of our identity and how we express ourselves to the world.

Ready for some September nail colour inspiration? Scroll ahead for the nail colours that are chicest for September.

1. Dark Blue

September nail colours: Dark blue nails



Deep blue is a great transitional shade to take you from summer into autumn if you miss the summery blue tones from the past season. From deep, inky blue to cobalt, these mood-boosting blue shades also look incredibly luxe and glossy. Much like a classic navy jumper, this hue will see you through the entire month and well into winter.

2. Espresso Nails

September nail colours: Dark brown nails



This is one for those who like a neutral hue with a little more impact. Brown nails are an autumn nail-colour classic, and with so many brown tones to choose from, there's a polish to suit everyone. From deep espresso to milky latte, you can't go wrong with a brown nail polish during September. Choose a brown-toned polish that is close to your skin tone to elongate your fingers, or go bold with a clashing hue for more impact.

3. Blackberry Tones

September nail colours: Dark purple nails



Maybe it's because witchy season is just around the corner, or that blackberries and figs are ripe at this time of the year, we've been put under a spell with hypnotic purple tones that have been dominating our feeds this month. It's a great shade to go for if you want something with a hint of jewel-toned colour that isn't quite as dark as black 

4. Bordeaux Red

There's no denying the allure of a deep, dark Bordeaux hue as the nights draw in. Not only does this shade always look classy, but it will see you through from the office to evenings out. It looks just as elegant on short nails as it does on longer nails, too.

5. Deep Green

September nail colours: Dark green nails



Whilst matcha and pistachio tones dominated summer, we're not ready to bid farewell to green just yet. Instead, dark green is a chic take for the autumn months, and this hue will be requested a lot in salons during September. From khaki to emerald, there are plenty of green tones to experiment with this month.

6. Onyx

September nail colours: black nails



Black nail polish is back in a big way this month. Like a pair of black boots or a handbag, it goes with absolutely everything—and who says that your nails can't also be an accessory? Shelton likes to switch up black nails by pairing both matte and glossy nail lacquers together, like in this French manicure above, to elevate a black manicure for the new season.