I Asked 3 Women How Selling Vintage on Instagram Became a Full-Time Career

I've had a long-term love affair with vintage, starting as a teen in flea markets right up to the accounts I follow on Instagram today. That's right: Instagram has become a major tool for selling, sourcing and buying vintage items—and for good reason. In general, we find that fashion-aware people are tired of looking the same as each other, and in addition, people want to afford designer brands. Vintage ticks each of these boxes, and using the visual tools of Instagram to share it seems like a perfect match. But curating a feed, sourcing vintage pieces and building a digital community isn't easy to do. However, many sellers do it all on their own. I asked Subrina Heyink, Ariane de Béchad and Diane Kari—all founders of their own digital vintage boutiques—how they've built a career selling vintage, who influences them and how Instagram is key to their success.