The See-Through Dress Trend Isn't Just for Fashion Show-Offs

The see-through dress trend is perhaps the most risqué look for the new season, but it's also well positioned to be the prettiest. It's great for those who want to bare a little flesh without veering into exhibitionist territory. The trick is that it's all to do with how you wear it and what you wear it with. Thanks to the likes of Molly Goddard, Osman, Dior, and Valentino sending models down the runway in various shades of sheer tulle for spring/summer 2017, we've got more than a good idea of what designers think (a chance to show off your undies)—but the formula for real life is to layer the dress (or top) over a T-shirt and jeans. Driving that point home, we've seen girls on the streets already adopting the idea with surprising ease.


Getty Images; PICTURED (left to right): Dior, Osman, Molly Goddard, Valentino, Rochas

Essentially, you're showcasing everything and yet nothing at the same time. Got that? Of course, you don't have to wait for the forthcoming season's pieces to drop as there is already a range of items available for you to purchase and start sporting this look—suffice to say, retailers are seriously on board with the new piece. From the high street to designer, we've selected the 10 best see-through dresses to do the trend right now…

Super pretty for an evening do or with trainers for the day. 

As we've already said, Molly Goddard's creations were a hit during last London Fashion Week. This is one dress we've got our eye on right now. 

Invest in some high-waisted black pants and a black bra to pull this dress off. 

This dress is begging to be thrown over jeans. 

A subtler approach to the look that is also office-friendly. 

It doesn't have to be black. Opt for this pastel look from Topshop instead. 

While this is more of a top, it's a great way to dip your toe into the trend if you're unsure about committing. 

Just want to show off a little? This one is all about the arms. 

A vintage reclaimed tulle creation we can see being a hit with festivalgoers and wedding guests alike.

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Opening Images: Getty Images

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