This Is What a Level-10 "Naked" Dress Looks Like

Whether or not they’re walking on the red carpet or making an appearance at a family wedding, there has been one undeniable trend celebrities can’t stop wearing: the “naked” dress. Celebs love the look, but with everyone from Kate Middleton to Bella Hadid trying them out, there are certain levels of “nakedness.”


Getty Images

From nude hues to slip dresses to styles that leave little to the imagination, the range of see-through dresses we’re seeing is pretty big. But what qualifies as a level-1 “naked” dress, and what does it take to get to level 10? Ahead we’re ranking the dresses in order of demure to daring. Want to see which celebs are trying out the trend?

Keep reading to see which celebrity took their see-through dress to the most extreme level.

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