See 3 Bloggers Put a Festive Twist on This Holiday Scent

We know the giddy feeling you get every time you pass the department store counter housing the Marc Jacobs Fragrances’ covetable toy-like perfume bottles. Well, you’re in good company today, because Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential, Geri Hirsch of Because I’m Addicted and Liz Cherkasova of Late Afternoon share your scent-iments about the whimsical charm of this vanity staple. So much so that the blogger trio took inspiration from MJ’s Daisy collection, and dreamt up three festive ways to make Daisy part of their holiday celebrations.

See how each blogger spread the holiday cheer with their dazzling Daisy bottle. 

“These pictures were shot before a holiday cocktail party last weekend. I was totally feeling this stunning polka-dot top with a couple of gold rings and a spritz of Daisy.”


“First and foremost, it's flirty and sexy without being too overwhelming. So it’s best to stick to light, fresh perfumes.”


“In my opinion when you walk in to a room your perfume shouldn't overtake the room—it should complement you and your cute outfit.”


“[Daisy] is my go-to when it comes to perfume. Best part? I can wear it to the gym, a date night, and/or a holiday party.”


“Few things are more festive than the pop of a champagne bottle. It screams celebration, cheers, salute, l’chaim, and of course, happy new year!”

“Champagne is simply a must during the holidays and I personally love to do it with a jovial twist. This season I created a champagne cocktail inspired by one of my favourite scents, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream.”


“I zeroed in on the blackberry note for two reasons, the colouring and the flavour. When the blackberries are cooked down into a simple syrup, it makes for a joyous holiday red, and when combined with some bubs it’s absolutely delicious, just like the fragrance it’s inspired by.”


“This holiday season I teamed up with Marc Jacobs Fragrances to create a holiday arrangement inspired by my favourite iteration of the Daisy fragrance collection, Daisy Eau So Fresh.


“Its light, refreshing scent inspired me to create a playful holiday bouquet comprised of hand-painted rose gold poinsettias, pastel-hued roses, whimsical peonies, and delicate tulips.”


Which Daisy bottle inspires YOU the most? Tell us how you'd put your own holiday spin on it in the comments below.