While You Were Sleeping: Our Top 7 Stories of the Week

This week saw quite a lot of action in the realms of fashion, street style, and celebrity news. Keep reading for our seven most popular stories of the whole week, all in one place!

1. We broke it down: The 10 secret habits of the world's most insanely stylish people.

2. Vogue released its seasonal list of items that are in and out for spring

3. We dug up 12 fashion hacks you've probably never heard before, but that will change your life for the better. 

4. We finally deciphered the reason we're so addicted to Zara and other fast fashion brands.

5. Stylish office dressing can be hard as temperatures rise. We helped you figure it out, once and for all

6. We gave you nine seriously easy ways to make your outfits look more expensive this season.

7. Jess Levin of Carts & Cake shared her picks for the most popular wedding dress trends this spring.

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