Exclusive: On the Scream Queens Set With Abigail Breslin

If, like us, you’ve spent the entire summer anxiously awaiting the fall premiere of Scream Queens, then today should feel a bit like a holiday. So here’s our gift to you: an exclusive set-life photo diary with Abigail Breslin, aka Chanel #5! While the all-star cast has kept mum on most of the show’s details, the actress, singer, and author—note: Breslin’s first book, This May Sound Crazy, based on the popular essays from her blog, Mix Tapes and Winter Coats, is available October 6—did give us a behind-the-scenes peek at the glamorous (and sometimes goofy) life of one of Kappa Kappa Tau’s most calculating sisters. Naturally, a bed of luxurious coats is involved. 

Check out Breslin’s exclusive photo diary below, and be sure to tune into Fox tonight at 8 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. CDT for the two-hour Scream Queens premiere! 

"Me with my very best friend on set, Churro. Niko, from the props department, owns her and brings her during lunch every day so everyone can have their pet therapy :)"

"Billie, who plays Chanel #3, and I were cleaning up some spilled fake blood… Totally normal day on the set of Scream Queens."

"Chillin' at the monitors. It's always so fun to watch the other girls on the show do their scenes. They kill it every time." 

"Just casually taking a nap in the KKT coat closet on set. Made a bed from the coats. Gotta catch some sleep while you can, amirite?"

"This is my trailer, which I spend a lot of downtime in. This sign always falls off of my door, which usually makes me think there's a ghost." 

"Took this after sneaking into the props truck. Wonder what #5 is baking…"

"And this was taken after being caught by the props department…" 

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