Score 4th & Bleeker's Beachy Waves

When 4th and Bleeker’s Alexandra Spencer--model, photographer, blogger--showed up at LA’s Milk Studios for our Frederic Fekkai shoot, she brought along a duffle bag full of her signature looks: black sandals, white boyfriend blouses, sexy black skirts, and a few leopard-print pieces. “I either look like a 90s Calvin Klein ad or an Italian mistress,” says the Australian. “But I have a pretty strict uniform of shirts and black jeans when I work.”

“My version of going crazy with my beauty look is changing my center part an inch to the left or right,” Spencer says. “If I’m not working, I like to go as long as possible without washing it. I’ll put a hair mask in and tie it up or let it air dry.” We asked Fekkai’s Senior Stylist, Eric Sebbag, to take her natural texture up a notch and give Spencer’s hair model-off-duty waves.

Spencer’s hair was clean, dry, and product-less, so Sebbag started by spraying Fekkai’s Advanced Luscious Curls Wave Activating Spray ($25) all over her blonde locks.

After coating the hair with product, Sebbag wrapped random sections of hair around a 1-inch curling iron, leaving the ends out and pulling down on each section as he released it from the iron to turn the curl into a wave. “Start the curl a few inches away from the scalp, you just want the middle to be wavy,” Sebbag says. The key to Spencer’s beachy waves is imperfection, so don’t worry about curling every piece of hair.

After running his fingers through the hair to separate the curls, Sebbag rubbed just a pea-sized amount of Fekkai’s Highlight Care Illuminating Cream ($25) through the ends of Spencer’s hair. “This is a very substantial product, so you don’t need a lot,” Sebbag says.

The great thing about Fekkai products is that you can use them on any type of hair, to achieve any kind of style,” Sebbag says.

You’re just as likely to find Spencer in affordable fashions as you are in designer--regardless of the label, it’ll be in black and white. “My style’s grown up a little bit as I’ve been growing up,” she says, though the nonchalance of her hair is equally relevant when considering her wardrobe. “Working and travelling and modelling has definitely affected it. I don’t really wear a lot of colour--black, white, grey, and leopard print is pretty much as wild as I get colour-wise--that way everything I pack goes together!”

Check out our behind-the-scenes video featuring Fekkai Senior Stylist Eric Sebbag giving 4th and Bleeker’s Alexandra Spencer beachy waves and beauty expert Eva Chen a perfectly mussed top-knot!

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