Summer 2018 and the Rise of the "Babe" Top

With the heat comes some flame-emoji fashions: Dresses get skimpier, hemlines are cut higher and the ways to stay cool ever more inventive. One such method has developed across social media, resulting in the Babe Top trend, thanks to the version by L.A.-based brand Donni. In essence, Donni's Babe tops are artfully knitted scarves, and they're constantly sold out. Cher did it in the '70s, and now everyone on Instagram is babe-ing the hell of summer 2018.

Vintage stores are styling scarf tops with high-waisted trousers and blazers, Donni girls are pairing them with matching sarongs and some are layering them over tees for a more modest approach. Others are even making bra straps a statement (for some people, this trend is troublesome without a little support). Consider it your new crop top, only sassier and definitely a little more risqué. Keep scrolling to see who's in the Babe-Top club, and then shop them for yourself (in case you don't have a scarf to spare).